Amur 950

Displacement 1,060 cu.m.
Torpedo Tubes 12
Ammunition Load 0/12/0
Ammunition Calibre 533 mm
Length 60.3 m
Beam 5.6 m
Underwater Speed 20 kts
Snorkel Range N/A
Underwater Range 300
Diving Depth 300
Endurance (days) 30

Amur 950

This mid-sized sub is designed for combating enemy subs and surface vessels, as well as for reconnaissance. These Amur 950 subs are reported to be among the most quiet in the world. This, along with the Amur 950’s ability to travel easily in deep or shallow water, make it a sub capable of performing missions in a variety of settings.

The Amur 950 is designed for optimal crew comfort in any weather conditions in waters anywhere in the world, except for waters with solid ice cover. These subs displace 1300 tons of water when submerged, 950 when emerged. The Amur Class 950 sub is capable of supporting a crew of 18 men for 30 days. Like other Amur Diesel Electric subs, the Amur 950 was designed at the Rubin Marine Design Bureau in St. Petersburg.


Amur/Lada class submarines feature a diesel/electric power system, and there are reports of the addition of a fuel cell plant allowing for air independent propulsion (using a Kristall 27E AIP system) with oxygen/hydrogen and electrical/chemical generators. These modifications will significantly increase the cruise range and endurance time.


The Amur 950 sub is equipped to launch 10 missiles, with a quick reload of only two minutes between salvoes. The 950 is equipped with four 533 millimeter torpedo tubes and 10 vertical missile launches. Standard usage will include mines, cruise missiles, and standard torpedoes.


A passive antenna array features a reception area several times larger than earlier arrays, providing the crew of the Amur 950 sub with relevant data, making preemptive target acquisition or enemy evasion more likely. The 950’s automated command and control system features operators’ consoles in a main control room. This command and controls system features high speed data exchange and analysis, along with integrated presentation of relevant data on control consoles. The optronic mast is fitted with TV and infrared cameras as well as a GPS receiving antenna. A towed radio antenna allows for reception of covert information and command messages at up to 100 meters submerged.