Russian Army

The Russian army is divided into three main branches: Ground Forces, Navy, and Air Force and several minor branches such as Strategic Missile, Space Troops, Paratroopers, Interior Ministry Troops and Secret Service such as GRU.

Russian Army Manpower
Males available: 35,000,000
Females available: 20,000,000
Anually Male/Female avialable: 1,500,000
Actually Male/Female: 1,130,000

Russian Army Expenditures
Dollar figure 2006 in terms of $USD
$40.3 Billion which is 4.3% Percent of GDP

The Ground Forces are divided along geographical lines of Russia and they are:
  • Moscow
  • St Petersburg
  • North Caucasian
  • Privolzhsk-Ural
  • Siberian
  • Far Eastern.

The Russian Navy consists of four main fleets (battle groups):

  • Baltic Fleet
  • Pacific Fleet
  • Northern Fleet
  • Black Sea Fleet
General Staff acts as the main body of the Russian Military Forces.